Spain Fine Food

An exquisite selection of foods from Spain direct to your home

Authentic Iberian flavors

Delicious Iberian pork products from the prestigious artisan Fermin.
You can taste these delicacies brought directly from the meadows of Spain.

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Crimson Red Spice

Bealar offers finest quality, award-winning, saffron from Cuenca in Castilla La Mancha.
Producing saffron is in itself a work of art.

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Salt from the Mediterranean Sea

SOSO Factory is a Spanish artisan recognized for its creative concepts in production and packaging.
SOSO offers the highest quality sea salt from the lake of San Pedro along Spanish Mediterranean sea in Murcia, Spain.

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A sweet taste experience

El Caserio candy company specializes in all natural high-quality candy.
From Spain offers El Caserio addictive pine-nut candy made from a 70 year old family recipe.

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The liquid gold of the olive tree

The Sotaroni family farm produces finest quality extra virgin olive oil and aged Pedro Ximenez vinegar.
Arbequina Olive trees are grown on 148 acres of farmland and produce an olive oil that is smooth with mild flavors of greens, fruit and nuts.

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Gourmet grains

Calasarra white rice is ideal for all your rice dishes and especially for paella. Rewarded Denomination of Origin for being the first rice in the world that enjoys this precious title of guarantee and quality.

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Divine Spanish Olives

Coquet was founded in the fertile orchards of La Ribera del Ebro in the Spanish area of Aragón. This family business is renowned for finest quality preserved vegetables and some of the most delicious Spanish olives on the market.

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Metal crafts for paella

Don Enrique worked as an ironsmith crafting small metalware while his wife sold their handmade paella pans at the local market. Since then, Garcima has grown to become one of the most well respected paella pan and kitchenware companies in the world.

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Smoked Spanish Paprika de la Vera

The Santo Domingo red pepper crops in Caceres produce some of the finest smoked paprika in the world. Brillant color, deep smokey flavor and 100% natural.

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About Us

The delightful flavors of Spain… smoky, earthy salty, fruity and fresh. Much of Spanish food has its origin in the farm….

Gazpacho is a mix of ripe tomatoes and vegetables. Paella is an amazing concoction of rice, grown in Spain, stewed with natural ingredients of saffron, smoked paprika and fish or meat. Jamón and Spanish sausages are made from the Iberian pig, allowed to roam free on open Spanish fields and sangria is made from the wine grown on Spanish vines and then made refreshing with the addition of fresh fruit.

Spaniards have a history of creating recipes from the products on hand and with time they have mastered their signature dishes and taken them to new gourmet heights.

We at From Spain offer a selection of Spanish food that represents many of Spain’s finest specialties; Award winning saffron, Mediterranean Flor de Sal, marinated green olives, paella rice, jamón, chorizo, lomo and salchichón and a delightfully mild olive oil, first pressed from freshly harvested olives.

Our mission is not just to sell gourmet Spanish food, but to hopefully inspire you to enjoy Spanish cuisine as much as we do. Feel free to browse our website and get ideas. In addition to a selection of traditional Spanish food, we have quality paella pans, terra-cotta clay bakeware and gift ideas for the discriminating foodie.

Share your recipes with us and we’ll share ours…. Buen provecho!.

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